Monday, 27 February 2012

Download BBC shows on Linux with get_Iplayer

get_Iplayer is an easy way to download tv and radio from the bbc iplayer website.

get_iplayer can be downloaded from

the below command can be used to download TV or radio given the correct link.

sudo get_iplayer --get --type <type> --url=<url>

<type> - the type will either be 'tv' or 'radio' depending on what you wish to download.
<url> - to get the url its best if you click 'Link to this' button on Iplayer website.

This has been very useful for me as I'm constantly missing my favorite shows. Below I have added a very simple script:

echo "tv or radio?"
read option
echo "PLease paste in you link for the content you wish to download:"
read url
get_iplayer --get --type $option --url=$url

this can be adapted to make a series link. I suggest looking into 'crontab' or the 'at' command

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