Welcome to the Scripts page. This is a good place for me to share my scripts with you guys. Hope you all enjoy, any questions about any of these scripts leave a comment or email me and I'll get right back to you.
Click the below links to see the code.

Show Commits To SVN Branch

This script is designed to show a number of recent commits to the users current SVN branch in an easy readable format. I'm up for criticism on this as I'm not a huge fan of the amount of if statements...

Host Information

This script is designed to retrieve host information from the kernel to the memory. It assigns stander commands to variables and then echo's everything out in a nice readable form.

IP Telnet

This script is your basic telnet script.
in order to use this script you must create a text file called 'ip' and fill it with the ip(s) you wish to connect to
The script loops through the list of IP addresses in the file and ping's them. Once it has a ping it starts Telnet and issues commands between sleeps. Just fill out the relevant information (username, password and required commands). The script loops through the ip.txt file and ping's the address, if the ping is successful it will go on to do the telnet, if not it will skip that IP and move on to the next.


This script is very similar to the above Telnet one. It uses the same while loop and ip.txt file. FTP is used for transferring files. It's not the only way but its a start. Make sure you run this from the directory which has the file in you want to send.

IPlayer Download

For this script you will need to have get_iplayer installed (usually a "apt-get install get_iplayer" will do the trick). It's a very basic script I know but feel free to jazz it up a bit, the PVR function is worth looking at. There is also some more help here if you need it

Port Scanner

This script is used to scan for open ports on a network. This should be used responsibly.

Pack up files (tar.gz)

This script is used to pack up files into a "tar.gz", this can easily be change to a "tar.xz" by replacing all instances of "tar.gz". This script just makes life a bit easier. The script uses parameters so the format would be:
./ afile.txt anotherFile.txt (and so on)

Watcher - who's connected to my PC?

You just need to set this script to run on startup and there you go, if anyone tries to connected to your pc via ssh, telnet or ftp then you're going to know about it (I'm using xmessage here but you can set this up to send you an email or show a notification)

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  1. Hi,
    cat and grep is unless in your Host information script.
    it can be done without cat and grep

    awk '/cpu MHz/ {print $4}' /proc/cpuinfo