cd command

cd [directory]

The cd command is a fairly basic command, it is used to change directory from within the terminal, The following examples help illustrate this:
cd home

This command will take the user to the home directory, although the user must be in a directory where the home directory is visible. 

You can also skip a head if you know the file path, for example:
cd myFile/myScripts/serverScripts

Once in the home folder you can more quite quickly to the /serverScripts/ folder if you know the file path.

In  order to go back a a directory we use '..' for example:
cd ..

This will take us back to the myScripts directory, to go right the way back we just do the following:
cd  ../../../

This will take us right back to the home directory

I hope this gives you a good understanding of the cd command, its pretty easy really.

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